St. Boniface Tournament Results


The St. Boniface tournament was an exciting time despite only having six Portage fighters there.
Brady deserves a pat on the back for his bronze in the +66kg U14 division as he was fed to the wolves by the draw and had to fight larger, more experienced opponents on his first time out.
Dylan and Jack got participation awards, and had to fight each other in the +55kg U12 division. Maggie also got a participation award for the -36kg U12 division, and was up against some serious up and coming kids.
Tasha and Jessica both fought in two divisions. Tash got silver in -57kg seniors and earned gold in U21 with some pretty darn impressive matches. Jess started rusty before basically dominating her opponents for gold in both U16 and U18 -52kg. If you see her, only mention all the matches she dominated and her two gold medals, not the fact that the only match she lost got that girl Jess’ usual fastest ippon trophy.

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