Watch the Winter Games matches online

Hey gang!
You wanna watch Tash and Ryan’s fights LIVE at the Winter Games?
Check it out HERE
Tash’s start TODAY at 3:00 our time (Bout B10), and Ryan fights tomorrow.

EDIT: Technical difficulties are making it impossible to see Tash’s preliminary fights. Boo-urns.

UPDATE: TASHA WON A BRONZE MEDAL AT THE CANADA WINTER GAMES! While that is just as incredible as it sounds, I would still like to point out that I beat her at the 2012 Sask Open Eating (and Subsequent Weight Gain) Contest.

Ryan will be fighting on Thursday, 3:00 our time.
To amuse yourself in the meantime, take a look here and here.
Man, that last one…
I think I have something in my eye…

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