Portage Tournament Results

Wondering how the tournament went?

Well, wonder no more! We had a staggering 144 competitors, who, with their families, completely filled that gym. There were 19 Portage competitors, who earned the club 18 medals, with 14 of those from the U10-12 divisions. It was a truly crazy day, that went off without any real hitch save an unfortunate last minute injury.

The after party was, as always, a hit, with the continued traditions of Club Awards and ice cream cake.

And I’m a total sucker for this pic.

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One response to “Portage Tournament Results

  1. Kaiden Friesen

    Hey Brian it’s kaiden friesen it’s been awhile since my days of judo I just wanted to say it’s great seeing both yourself and Sean still in the game with a vibrant group. I am still thankfull for all of my time with all of you in the old Canadians I have always recommended judo to people as it teaches alot of discipline I only wish I were able to return to your class and start where I left off. Keep the judo dream alive take care Brian
    Kaiden Friesen


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