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Okay everyone, the meet up time tomorrow (Saturday) morning is 8:15 at the Mall Timmies. The convoy leaves for Brandon at 8:30. 

New Era school is on 6th St and Louise Ave. If you’re coming into town from the east, keep a couple of things in mind:

-Probably the quickest way into New Era is the Hwy 110 by pass just before town. Off 110, you turn right on Victoria Ave, and then again at 6th St. Louise is one block north of Victoria Ave. 

-1st Street is, in fact, still open, but reduced to a single lane. Might be okay. Maybe not. Take 1st to Victoria, turn right, then again at 6th. 

-for the truly cautious, turn left at 18th St off Hwy 1. Take it all the way to Victoria Ave. Turn left onto Vic, and left once you reach 6th. 

See you there!

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