New Rules

I know there’s been a lot of confusion concerning the new rules. I found a clarification from Judo Canada that doesn’t entirely match what’s come out from Judo Manitoba. Regardless, this is where I imagine things should be or will end up being. You might not get called on these in a tournament, if a ref isn’t aware. However, if I see a competitor do something against the rules, I don’t think, “there’s a kid who doesn’t follow the rules.” I think, “there’s a club that doesn’t follow the rules.” Remember that you represent the Portage Club when you’re out there. Act accordingly. 

Using the limits of my graphic artist skills and pencil and paper technology, I’ve created a breathtaking summary of the rules up above. 

Now, how to properly determine what age category you’re in is a constantly changing, madness inducing exercise for me. Ask Brian about that one. 

Have fun at the parade tonight everyone!

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