Inner City Tournament

(Keirnan! Over here!)

Everyone did great at Inner City on Saturday. We got four gold, three silver, and a bronze. Tash got hurt and had to be forcibly removed from the mat, so that was a little embarrassing. Bradey had a scary bump to the head, but toughed it out. Troy had a crazy tough division. Aaron faced kids 20 pounds heavier than him. And Dylaen… oh Dylaen… He faced a brown belt and a BLACK BELT. You know, one of those guys with Canada on the back of his gi. Huge bragging rights there.

Then there was these goombas.

They showed up late to the tournament. Can you believe that?… What? I was late too?… Well then nevermind. These guys did great.

There’s lots of video footage taken by folks who more than fulfilled their club volunteer requirements. So there’s lots for Brian to go over, review, and see what we need to work on. Like GRIPS!

Now, for a quick quiz, try to guess everything wrong with this picture. The answers are listed below.  

1. Tash, the twins, Eric, Alex, and Bradey are inside, fighting, or already vamoosed.

2. Over HERE, Keirnan! (I spelled that wrong on purpose)

3. A weird perspective thing makes Dylan look like he represents the Lollipop Guild.

4. Duncan is clearly sleepy.

5. Dwight looks like he’s gonna take a run at me.

6. Gang signs, Andrew?  Really?!!

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