Manitoba Provincials

Howdy, Sports fans! By now you’ve heard about Wade’s gold medal on his paid radio announcements, and seen it on the billboards he set up as you enter and leave town, but I’ll tell you about it anyway.

Virden was a good time. I ate lots of rice crispie cake and got to yell at our crew while they competed. Dave Jackson got a bronze (and I promise to show him some ground escapes). Dwight Ducharme bust a finger hitting the mat after narrowly losing his first match (and I promise to tell him to stop hitting the mat). Duncan “2 Drinks” Campbell had to fight 18 times due to a draw sheet mix up, and won a well earned silver. Sydney “The Handler” Pearson won gold against a Winnipeg green belt, confidently ignoring her frantically screaming coaches. Tasha “the Disasta” Burton earned a gold against a black belt (which makes me wonder why she doesn’t have one). And I guess that was it…

Okay, okay. Wade “J2S” Campbell won his first gold medal. It was nice work, but he has NOT stopped talking about it since. That ride home must have been torture.

Here’s a quick shot during the day of Sensei Brian, looking thrilled to be surrounded by head ref Milton Good, four Virden youths, and a fellow ref who looks like he really neads to use the washroom.

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