The 2016 Tournament and Wind Up

Let us know how you think it went. We thought things ran great, but maybe something went down that we missed.

We had 138 competitors with 37 judoka from our club.  22 of those were older in competitive divisions. Of those 22, 17 got medals. Unfortunately, there were 3 that were ill and could not compete. A special thank you to Alex and Stdney who stepped up to coach our team while the instructors were stuck running the  show.

Here’s Yasi. If you’ve got pics, send them to me (204-761-1883) and I’ll put them up.

For me, it was super heartwarming to see all the students, parents, and family coming out of the woodwork to help set up and tear down. It made the whole ordeal seem fast and easy. A HUGE thank you to everyone!

Then there was the wind up party. Again, let us know if there were any problems, but it seemed like the Tavern did a great job of accomodating us. Big turn out for pizza, but I’ve never been as disappointed as I was that the kids couldn’t  finish the ice cream cake!

Heard a couple nice speeches, handed out the crazy big club trophies, and had some laughs. It was a good time. Sorry to Tash and Brian. The red eye reduction on my phone would only do one of their eyes, and that looked silly so I left it. 

Thoughts for next year:

1. We’ll try to have a volunteer co-ordinator to make sure everyone knows exactly what we’d like you to do during the tournament.

2. We’ll have longer and more indepth draw sheet sessions for the poor souls at those tables. It’s not a hard job, but only if you know the ropes. Sorry for any stress to folks who felt left out on a limb.

EDIT: This guy.   

EDIT: More pics! Check out the hair on Moptop!



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