Kenora Tournament

If I was Dylan, I’d look embarassed too. Those people are animals. 

Nine fighters headed out to Kenora, and cleaned up pretty good. Gold medals for Dylan “the Bear” Tully, “Lanky” Troy Doherty, Keernen “Nickname Pending” Olson (whose name I will continue to creatively mispel), and Tasha “the Disasta” Burton. Silver medals for Dwight “Wild Man” Ducharme (stuck fighting one of the most skilled black belts around), and Ryder “Reggie” Maryniuk.

EDIT: Just noticed I somehow forgot Wade “J2S” Campbell in the list of gold medalists. How could I have done that? Look at him all front and centre up there. 

Bronze medals for Conner “Ronnie” Maryniuk, and Syd “the Handler” Pearson (who I suspect is being held back by Burton, who never wants to lose the big club trophy). 


Kearnin! Over here! Seriously, that kid…

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