Brandon Tournament

Things went pretty well in Brandon.

Olivia got a silver medal out of five competitors (and there were some orange and green belts in there).

Andrew got a gold medal after three very short matches.

Troy got a gold, but we’re going to have a talk about it.

Dylaen got two silvers, and won a match with a very sweet throw.

Erin (who I know can smile better than that) and Dwight got silver medals. There was some good stuff in there, though I yelled “GRIPS!” from the coaching chair WAY too often.  Like, enough times for the crowd to think I had tourettes.

And Wade got a silver, doing really well against one of the best black belts in Manitoba. Generally, tournaments should combine weight rather than belt categories, but sometimes life is rough.

They also gave us our black belt certificates, which was nice.

Sorry, Troy and Dwight. Missed getting pics of you two. 

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