Parade, Provincials, and Holiday Classes

Okay, let’s take it from the top…

On Friday, Dec 2, we will be entering a float in the Rotary Club Parade of Lights. We hope that all our younger athletes will show up around 7pm at the Co-op parking lot. Please dress warm with your judo gi over your jacket. If you wish, you can bring a bag of candy to hand out along the route. We strongly encourage you to bring the whole family, or at least one parent or older sibling. The float will be there around 6pm, but it is usually quite cold waiting outside, so try not to be too early. The Parade starts at 7:30 and runs about an hour depending on where we are in the line up. We will drop people off just east of Lions Prairie Manor on Saskatchewan Avenue. We would appreciate any senior athletes or coaches who are available to help out also. Take a bunch of pictures out there, and text them to me at 204-761-1883 so I can post them. 

Next up, Provincials. They’re Saturday, Dec 3 in Selkirk. Lord Selkirk High School, 221 Mercy St to be exact. It’s only for U16 and older and costs $25. U16 and 18 weigh in before 10:15. U21 and Senior before 11:30. Let Brian know if you intend to go (Pinto can’t make it, cause he’s a jerk).

Finally, Holliday Classes. Our last class before Christmas will be Thurs, Dec 22 (which Pinto also can’t make, cause he’s a jerk). We start up again overfed and out of shape on Jan 10th. That’s a LONG stretch of time, so if you want some super easy judo homework, come see Pinto. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to bring them up with Brian (who you can also call or text at 204-856-3684).

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