2017 Portage Tournament Results



At our club wind up Troy and Olivia won our Judoka of the Year trophies, but there was no shortage of medals at the tournament beforehand.

Our only gold went to Ryder.

Damien, Parker, Olivia, Mop Top (who I think some people call Devlin), and Aaron all won silver.

Ethan, Cody, Andrew, Dylaen, and Chysom all won bronze.

As far as I know, no one was injured, though I bet Stangl was sore after that slam on the unforgiving surface of Mat 1.

Now, none of this includes the 10 Portage judoka who fought in the U10 division. I know that was a first time out for almost all of them, and I hope they had a good time. While I didn’t get a chance to see any of their fights (or basically anyone else’s either), the U10 competitors were lucky enough to have Sensei Brian and Sensei Eric there running and watching their matches the entire time.

Congrats to everyone involved! I know Sensei Brian feels that tournament involvement is an integral part of the sport, encompassing a different set of physical and mental skills than those experienced in class, so it was great to see so many come out!

We’ve only got three more weeks of classes, so study those syllabus sheets for testing, and come ask any questions you might have!


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