Portage Judo Guidelines – COVID19

Required Forms

The following forms are required to be filled and sent or brought in the first class that the member attends. Participation will not be allowed without these forms.

To keep all as safe as possible the following guidelines for participants are in place:

Please stay home if:

  • You have symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home.
  • You have traveled outside of Manitoba Health’s prescribed geographic boundaries in the past 14 days should stay home.
  • You have had contact with people showing symptoms of illness consistent with COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

Considerations for those attending:

  • If you have risk factors, such as age 60 years or over, or chronic medical conditions including asthma, or you live with someone who has risk factors, you are not excluded from judo practice, but must carefully weigh the risks vs benefits of attending judo practices.
  •  Wearing of non-medical masks is not required, but is recommended by some and can be permitted if a judoka wishes to do so.  But if the mask becomes soiled, damp, or needs to be adjusted frequently resulting in frequent touching of the face, it should not be used.

Upon arrival at the club:

  • Anyone entering the club will have their temperature taken. 
  • The name of each participant and accompanying person(s) entering the club will be recorded to allow for any follow up should a case of COVID-19 case be associated with the club. 
  • Participants should have all the necessary items to attend the practice (judo bag, water bottle(s), sandals – no shoes in the dojo and must not walk barefoot off the mats) and something to store all personal items. 
  • Participants should come to the club already dressed in appropriate gym or judogi apparel as the change rooms will not be available
  • Participants should use outside washroom facilities as close in time as possible before coming to practice as on-site washrooms will only be available for extenuating circumstances.   
  • Participants will be instructed about hand and food hygiene/ sanitization and physical distancing protocols when they arrive. 
  • Limited seating for parents/guardians will be available with appropriate physical distancing between family units.

Back at home and after each session:

  • Participants should take a shower.
  • Participants should wash their judogi/gym apparel.

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