Portage Open Results

Gold Medals-

Olivia Krynski, Kadynce Stobie, Fergus Semchuk, Charlotte Semchuk, Owen Bevan, David Bevan, Tennyson Verwey, and Wade Campbell

Silver Medals-

Wade Campbell, Tanner Roy, Avery Campbell, Harrison Semchuk, Geraldine Orchard, Elliot Verwey, Corwin Wallace, Charlotte McBurney-Cormier, Kaylyn Wallace, Mitchell Verwey, Tennyson Verwey, Kadynce Stobie and Tanner Roy

Bronze Medals-

Eric Jenner, Casey Bagnall, Jaxon Melchin, Carson Crawford, Dominic Abbors, Deklan Paton, Colby Bird, Dexter Semchuk, Tristan Jenner, Charlotte McBurney-Cormier and Jacob Dudgeon-Sykes

Nyx Paton, Chysom Scott and Brody Hues also competed but did not medal

Lacey Scott, Ben Hulme, Beau Hebert, Gabriel David, Kenzie Bagnall, Blye Hebert and Carson Horn all fought in U10 intro to competition where no score is kept and no winners are announced.

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