The Tournament Season Begins!

Hey everyone!

Here’s the new Portage Judo website! It’ll be updated like mad as the season gets underway, so check back often.  If you have any club pictures (unless for some reason you only want to see pictures with Pinto in them), or any questions and concerns, please email us at This is a new address. Change your address books accordingly!

It’s going to be a busy couple weeks for the club, getting ready for the Brandon Open on Saturday, October 18th! There’s no tournament details yet, but you’ll know them as soon as we do.

So, come out this week, and learn what Natasha, Ryan, and Pinto picked up at the weekend clinic with World Silver Medalist Antoine Valois-Fortier!

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One response to “The Tournament Season Begins!

  1. pintotown

    Other lessons learned over the weekend included:
    1. New limits to just how much self inflicted damage my aging body can manage.
    2. Antoine Valois-Fortier is apparently easy on the eyes.
    3. I say inappropriate things really loud.
    4. Teenage texting etiquette insists you’re not supposed to use the letter K or proper punctuation. Who knew? 🙂


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