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St. Boniface Open Coming Up

The St. Boniface tournament is on Saturday, November 15th, at Gordon Bell Highschool, 3 Borrowman Place in Winnipeg. Watch out, there’s limited parking at the school and vehicles have been towed from the street in the past.

All entries are $25.00. Matches begin at 10:30 and participation awards will be given to all competitors in the U10 and U12 categories.

Meet up times will be announced in class.

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Ryan’s Off To Quebec


Hey gang!
Our boy Ryan Walker is off with the provincial team to the Quebec Open in Montreal this weekend! I know I speak for everyone, when I say I am very eager to hear stories of the tournament, and just how good the poutine was at La Banquise.

Good luck, man.

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Brandon Tournament Results

A whopping 18 competitors headed out to the Brandon Open last weekend. That many Portage fighters at such a small tournament meant there were a few divisions where we were fighting each other, but the tournament experience is always invaluable and very different than randori in class.

Gold Medal winners included Ashley “No Mercy” Jackson and Natasha “Disasta” Burton

Silver Medalists were Pinto “Old Man” Town (who, for reasons of shame, might be demoted to a yellow belt), Andrew “A Christmas Story” Spangle, Carley “Hair Bun” Doherty, Carter “Magic Man” Friesen, and Krista “Starbuck” Walker.
Bronze medals went to “Lanky” Troy Doherty, Owen “Not the Face!” Friesen, and “Straight Up Robbed” Wade Campbell.
Participation medals were given to Autumn Jackson, Maggie Oleyniuk, and Hannah “Tinkerbell” Friesen (who all had to fight each other). They also went to Erik Olson, Kiernan Olson, and Dylan “the Bear” Tully. Nicknames on some competitors are pending.

Matt Strand also attended but had no one to fight in his weight division, but as I understand it, did quite well at boxing afterwards.

James “Big Man” McBurney/Cormier didn’t medal, but soundly beat Ryan Walker and Pinto Town in the follow up pizza eating contest.

Brian was proud of everyone who attended (except Pinto).

The next tournament is St. Boniface on Saturday, November 15th.

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Starbuck’s Return to the Mat

I’ve shared this story lots, but if you’da told me when I woke up Saturday morning that I was going to fight so poorly at the tournament, jam the heck out of my thumb, but get to see Krista do this…

… I’da still got up and gone anyway.

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New Venue For Brandon Tournament

Due to a scheduling conflict, the Brandon Tournament will now be held at
Vincent Massey High School
715 McDiarmid Ave
(Turn left at the Timmie’s on Victoria Ave west of 26th St)
Be warned, Massey is a bit of a rich kid school, so the air will be filled with upper middle class yuppie larvae snobbishness, and probably residual mid 80’s young Pinto angst and bitterness.

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Brandon Tournament Information

Okay, here’s the low down on the Brandon Tournament.

Brandon Open
Date: October 18, 2014
New Era School
527 Louise Ave. (corner of 6th St. and Louise Ave.)
Brandon, MB
All entries $25.00
2nd category $15.00

Weigh in starts at 8:00 AM and things get underway at 10:30.

Departure meet times will be announced at class this week.
EDIT: Everyone’s to meet at the West Mall Timmies at 8:00AM for a 8:15 departure.

Feel free to stop by Pinto, Sandra, and Aidan’s on the way home, but remember… What happens at Pinto, Sandra, and Aidan’s stays at Pinto, Sandra, and Aidan’s.

If this is your first judo tournament, here’s a great write up of what to expect, which will also be reviewed in class.

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The Tournament Season Begins!

Hey everyone!

Here’s the new Portage Judo website! It’ll be updated like mad as the season gets underway, so check back often.  If you have any club pictures (unless for some reason you only want to see pictures with Pinto in them), or any questions and concerns, please email us at This is a new address. Change your address books accordingly!

It’s going to be a busy couple weeks for the club, getting ready for the Brandon Open on Saturday, October 18th! There’s no tournament details yet, but you’ll know them as soon as we do.

So, come out this week, and learn what Natasha, Ryan, and Pinto picked up at the weekend clinic with World Silver Medalist Antoine Valois-Fortier!

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