St. Boniface Tournament on Saturday

Hey gang.

We’re heading to Winnipeg on Saturday morning to the St. B tournament at 3 Barrowman Place, just off Portage and Broadway. I think we’re meeting at the Timmie’s across from the school at 8:15 AM.

Check out the tournament info sheet here.

If you have ANY questions, either post them here or bring them to class.


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3 responses to “St. Boniface Tournament on Saturday

  1. pintotown

    Almost forgot.
    Parking around Gordon Bell High School is TERRIBLE. We’ve had Portage vehicles towed away on the past. Be sure to pay attention to the signs and times.


  2. Tim Lehman

    Aaron just mentioned this tournament tonight. He would like to go but we already have a couple of other commitments Saturday. Would someone be able to give him a ride and bring him home again? We could get him to Timmie’s by 8:15.


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