Inner City Judo Open Results- February 4th

The competition took place at Churchill High School in Winnipeg

157 Competitors from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Virden, Manitoba

13 Medals from 13 competitors.


Carson Crawford U12 M Group 2 M

Geraldine Orchard U12 F -63 KG

Owen Bevan U14 M -55 KG

Tennyson Verwey U18 M -81 KG

Eric Jenner Veteran M -90 KG


Chysom Scott SM -100 & +100 KG

David Bevan U16 M -66 KG

Tennyson Verwey U21 M -90 KG

Chysom Scott Veteran M -100 & +100 KG


Eric Jenner SM -90 KG

Kaylyn Wallace U16 F -57 KG

Tristen Jenner U16 M -55 KG

Austyn Jenner U14 -52 KG

Deklan, Paton, and Kadynce Stobbie also competed but did not medal.

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